Using the latest advancement in biochemistry, the Multi Peptide
Plus Serum delivers 5 uniquepeptides, molecularly identical
to the growth factors found in the human placenta. These
exclusive peptides are in a league of their own, with the
remarkable ability to promote, support, and prompt the skin to
function as it did in its youth. These improvements are visually
noticeable as regeneration is increased, strength is regained,
hyaluronan synthesis is promoted, and collagen production is

Multi Peptide Plus Serum

1 090,00₪Prix
    • Activates, regenerates, and restructures
    •  Minimizestheappearanceofexpression

    lines and wrinkles

    •  Helps to maintain and prolong

    the effects of BoNT-Ainjections

    •  Firms, fortifies, and redensifies
    •  Supports thin, fragile skin